Automotive industry is expanding by leaps and bounds paving way for several companies to establish themselves and more so in the luxury segment. As in the case of any other business segment, in the present times of dynamism, it is next to impassable to succeed without the support of a trusted partner.

At Sventl Asia Pacific, we ensure that our patrons in the automotive industry leverage our expertise in the sector in order to formulate intelligent and sustainable solutions and become a top favourite amongst the consumers.The pillars on which we are redefining the automotive industry are: Innovative product development, consulting for efficient optimization of operations and state of the art enterprise IT systems. We understand that these pillars are the foundations on which a business can thrive in the automotive industry. As new age mobility solutions are rolled out, with integration of software and electronics, businesses enjoy enhanced ROI. Custom solutions aid supply-demand forecasting across the entire business frame as information is converted into valuable insights.We, at Sventl Asia Pacific know the positive outcomes a business can enjoy as they speed up the launch of new age vehicles that meet the demand of the target market. As systematic approaches are made that integrate teams, information and processes, innovation and profitability comes out as the clear winner. The concept of 'Continuity in engineering' enables businesses to leverage a range of software to optimize business flows across engineering aspects and business disciplines. All stakeholders enjoy the fruits of better innovation, quick decisions, speedy deliveries and agile workflows.

Our key Areas Of Expertise

Vehicle Technology and Manufacturing Throughput
Product development and Innovation
Speedy Time-to-Market
Supply Chain Optimization
Advisory and consulting
Analytics and Information management
Sales and after sales optimization
Cloud and mobility


Control systems are witnessing a radical change with each passing day, and so is the automation technology. In order to stay ahead of the curve, it has become highly imperative for businesses to adapt new technologies that are not only sophisticated but also offer economies of scale, while complying with the regulatory standards. Sventl Asia Pacific offers complete assistance in this regard, and a dedicated team to design deft solutions to offer the best suited but also cost efficient to the industry.
For businesses to survive in a competitive market, leveraging the power of data and analytics is an important measure. Optimal asset utilization, operational excellence and increased productivity are the prime requirements of any organization looking to increase profits.
We at Sventl know what sets Automation experts apart from the regular Automation services. Supporting each phase of your projects, we are unbiased in terms of technology and effectively work will all that is new in the tech domain. From inauguration and commissioning to progressive maintenance, as a platform independent systems integrator, we work on it all.

Automation Solutions

Enable you to derive the best of your current assets.

Advanced Process Control

That cuts down fluctuations and facilitates operations that stick to constraints.

Field Services

Covering a wide range of aspects such as installation, construction management etc.

Consulting Services

That come from a wide and varied experience in serving a number of industries and tech platforms.

The Sventl Edge: Business enjoys a new wave of intelligent products as they leverage our custom solutions and systems in electronics, software, engineering and product lifecycle. Not only the total cost of ownership for re-designed products is significantly reduced, but the time to market is also cut down. Sventl also caters to re-manufacturing, recycling and other aftermarket support needs.

Electronic and Semiconductor

As technology has penetrated everyday life, innovative semiconductor solutions find their requirement on all fronts. The technology enables newer capabilities in hardware products and paves path for entirely new categories of products and services.

Electronics pertaining to almost every sector are fast changing in terms of the technologies, used to create them and the features that they offer to the end user, which is guided by the advances in the field of Microelectronics. It is for this very reason that at Sventl Asia Pacific, we offer services and solutions that are highly cost efficient across a wide variety of modules as well as subsystems. The semiconductor industry continuously grows and has been through major transformations. It has evolved to address some imperatives such as product diversity, complexities and the demand vs. supply scenario.
Sventl, through the years has amassed valuable experience in the Semiconductor industry domain, in a wide range of areas ranging from Product companies, Fabless, Integrated device Manufactures and equipment manufacturers to IP/Engineering design automation tool vendors and electronics manufacturing firms. Our state of the art semiconductor solutions helps our customers in handling market oriented organizational and technical demands.
They enjoy the perks of our Product Engineering and Enterprise IT and managed services efforts as they stay ahead of the competition. Sventl delivers services that cover the complete process from concept to production.

Our key Areas Of Expertise

Analog IC Design
Digital IC Design
Integrated Chip Verification/ Validation
Integrated Chip Layout
Design For Test (DFT)
Board Level Design
Embedded software/ Firmware Development
Embedded Hardware
Test development/ Test Automation
Industrial Automation
Customization is the key to optimal output and efficiencies. Our methodologies and complex tools enable us to roll out services for various technologies and geometries. Also, when one has to switch between design processes or make a complete migration, there are several complications which Sventl helps address in a systematic manner.

Energy Industry

Energy Industry is the subject of the hour, and is fast gaining popularity owing to the increasing in need of smarter, reliable and efficient solutions. This has given way to the elevated demand for Monitoring Systems, Development of Instrumentation Test Bench for harsh environments and etcetera that do not result in the further depletion of natural resources. Also in recent times, "smart-grid " has gained the attention of a large number of large scale pilot projects, which can be executed only with the help of a dependable Technology partner such as Sventl Asia Pacific. We, at Sventl Asia Pacific have been providing engineering solutions in the energy domain. Our partners and OEMs are trusted names delivering world class equipment that help business owners boost efficiency and while maintaining competitive costs.
Having worked with different verticals such as nuclear, conventional power, thermal, oil and gas, mining and wind energy; has given our engineering professional immense experience and confidence in terms of design expertise and standards. Being a socially environment friendly company, Sventl Asia Pacific aims to contribute our efforts in accomplishing diminished emissions with the usage of eco-friendly technologies. Our clients also achieve their clean and sustainable energy goals and together, we work towards a cleaner and greener future. Some of the areas where we extend our support: Vendor evaluation, liaison assistance with domain specific regulatory and authorities for certification, project management and assistance with procurement. To top it all, our customized and planned engineering solutions for local markets help business owners capture newer opportunities.
Understanding the evolution
As the energy scape evolves, "how" we use emerging technologies is as important as "what" we use. Societal demand has reshaped this scenario. We help you construct, manage and preserve your business value. As you join hands with us, you will clearly foresee where the energy industry and related technology is headed and how you can leverage the same for improved performance growth while addressing market demands.

Health Care

Health care and life sciences has always been heavily dependent on innovation, and it has been the onus of technology to come up with new ways of using science to come up with better treatments and more efficient medication.

The emphasis also lies on pharmaceuticals as well as biotechnology and our team at Sventl leaves no stone unturned to ensure that we do our level best in upholding the best interests of the industry. Sventl Asia Pacific knows that the Healthcare industry comes across a number of challenges ranging from the unstable regulatory environment to sky high manufacturing costs. To top it all, the marketplace is expanding at a great place and it is a cut throat competition out there. Implementing our healthcare solutions into your business will give you an edge that propels you ahead of the competition. Our expertise in providing engineering solutions for implants and instruments for Orthopaedic market has helped many. We also furnish system level engineering for complex medical instruments. Our partners are trusted names in the fields of Radiology, diagnostics, surgical instruments and life sciences, cardiology and orthopaedic products.
Sventl's Healthcare efforts are not just restricted to product development and solutions. We wish to work with physician groups, life sciences companies, health systems and payers for designing, furnishing, and managing integrated systems that boost the overall performance and effectiveness of operations in the entire healthcare organization. This is our interdisciplinary approach towards innovation where everything is connected. We intend to achieve this capability by leveraging our varied experience with healthcare executives, physicians and clinicians. We can help them enjoy sustainable optimum performance cantered at quality, cost and leadership. End-to-end solutions and product development for all types of components in the hospital equipment domain ensure that you do not have to deviate your energies and efforts into any secondary concern. We help you focus on your core business.


Manufacturing is one segment that has been utilising the advancement in technologies to the maximum possible, all thanks to the ability of the industry to incorporate changes at a faster pace than any other sector. This is strength as well as a basic requirement for this segment given the ever increasing pressure of reducing costs and increasing production, that too by staying well within the regulatory constraints as implicated by the government as well as the environmentalists. At Sventl Asia Pacific, we understand the interplay of these varied factors and thereby offer complete assistance in the optimal use of technology and innovation in this regard.
Manufacturing Industry ecosystem is propelled by the increasing demand for customization, both in terms of products and services. This demand calls for better ideated designs, improved standardizations and modularity in products. To increase profits while being ahead of the competition, manufacturing sector has to adopt best practises and other progressive measures. We partner with manufacturing companies for planning out these best practices in terms of IT. Through team efforts we help our partners and clients realize more business value and replace conventional applications with process improvements.

Some of our services and solutions in the industrial manufacturing domain

Facilitating business processes in an end to end manner, across the enterprise
Responsive and Quick supply chain management
Channel management
Inventory management and optimization
Field service management
Lifecycle and Warranty process management
Production management
Analytics for business insights


The demand for support services in the telecom industry has witnessed a tremendous rise, and it has resonated in all the parallels of the field including design, integration, testing as well as maintenance

If there is one thing that has seen unparalleled growth, it is nothing but the telecommunications industry. This has given rise to the increased need of maintaining the collaterals relevant to the industry. Understanding this very need of the hour, at Sventl Asia Pacific we extend support in the form of trained professionals with technical know-how at the most competitive prices in the industry. As we have gained valuable experience over the years, we follow tailor made approaches to deliver practical solutions to the problem at hand. Based on the knowledge our engineers have gained over the years, we assure the best consultancy and recommendations from an analytical perspective. Leveraging the networking technology trends, telecom businesses need to adopt and align their strategies in a competitive market. We serve telecom businesses, their partners and other stakeholders to create financial, strategic and operational solutions that boost profits while maintaining the enterprise value.
Intense market, price competition and regulatory hassles are the common problems faced by network operators and equipment manufacturers. This means, the top management must look to reduce costs while also maintaining high performance. Our teams have practical experience in replacing conventional methodologies with major improvement programmes while designing and developing innovative products and technologies for the same. Sventl Asia Pacific Serves Telecom businesses by empowering them with better customer insight, furnishing superior networks, finding a suitable path for sustainable growth and achieving supreme position in the market. As the industry evolves, it presents a number of challenges amidst some opportunities, which we segregate and figure out, for you. We ensure our clients reach their optimum potential through our unique custom approaches rolled by our engineers who share our client"s passion for work and high performance.


The demand for new development projects in the field of transportation is on an all-time high owing to the increasing need of clean and sustainable public infrastructure on humongous scales, especially in the developing nations. It is in this regard, that Sventl Asia Pacific comes in the limelight as the right hand of the industry giants extending its services for increased efficiency as well as optimised pricing thus creating a beneficial revenue model for the long run. Without any doubt, Transportation through any medium (air, rail, sea and road) is a strenuous business. Business owners must continually modernize infrastructure, improve efficiency and look for newer ways to serve customers. With the advent of e-commerce, global supply chains are getting more complex, setting new standards for conventional processes in logistics and freight services.

At Sventl Asia Pacific, we aim at delivering cost effective projects with sustainable outcomes. Some of our Transport and Logistics solutions are

Operations management
Engineering and maintenance
Support functions
Business analytics and intelligence
Transport Management Systems
Freight insights
Our consultants come with years of experience in the transport industry that help you steer in the right direction, from board room to onsite. While onsite we work with teams in engineering ops, logistics, maintenance services and networks. Business intelligence, Tech alliances and analytics are just a few of the benefits your business enjoys while collaborating with us. These factors help you better understand and handle complicated and extensive transport networks. Innovation and quality for enriching society and our environment is our prime focus while we deliver systems and solutions for transport networks infrastructure, computerized safety, maintenance and operations. Advanced technologies and operational know-how gathered through years of experience enables us to deliver the best and the most effective. Three tier benefits are enjoyed by the business owners are across: Improved profitability, streamlining operational efficiency and improved customer centricity.